Pre-Order Mass Cards

Some of our friends wish to order a supply of cards, then send them out as the need occurs. For these occasions, we offer a supply of ten cards, with return envelopes.

As you use the cards, you can return the gift envelope and your Mass information, with an offering in the envelope, or you may enter your mass request online through our Request a Mass (No Card) page. We’ll process the request; your intention is placed in the chapels of our two Jesuit Retirement communities: St. Camillus in Milwaukee, and Colombiere in Clarkston, Michigan. Daily and weekly Masses are celebrated, where the names of these faithful are remembered in Masses celebrated by the Jesuits.

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Please specify the type(s) of cards you would like (Repose of the Soul, General, etc)

Where should we send your cards?

We’ll send 10 cards that you can send out as you wish. Simply return the Mass request envelope and an offering as you use them. We’ll do the rest.

Please fill out the form to the right to order your supply of cards.